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Botox Cosmetic, Dysport, and Xeomin are the perfect solution to treat and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Common treatment areas include forehead lines, wrinkles around the eyes, vertical lines near the lips, sagging near corners of mouth, TMJ / teeth grinding and excessive sweating.


The treatment is quick and easy taking less than 20 minutes. The product will start working in the next few days and gradually intensify reaching full effects in 10-14 days after treatment. Treatment last 3-4 months although can soften lines and wrinkles longer.

Wrinkle relaxers are contraindicated in the following population: allergies to human albumin, allergies to milk protein (Dysport), pregnant or lactating women, active inflammation or infection in area to be injected, fever, flu or cold symptoms and patient’s with neurological disorders.


Side effects to wrinkle relaxers are rare. Temporary swelling at site of injection is common and/or bruising can occur. Plan for two weeks before big events. There is also risk of eyebrow and/or eyelid ptosis, however precautions are taken to avoid. 

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